Warrior Cat Rods Pro Staff


Eric Braunberger
I grew up fishing Lake Sakakawea and the Little Missouri River in Western North Dakota and every body of water I could get a pole into. I have fished a lot of lakes in Minnesota and eastern Montana. I spend all my spare time on the Yellowstone River where I have won many tournaments. I've won one state championship and Angler of the Year award in both of the Montana channel catfish tournament circuits and currently the best in MT. 
Matt Ostwald
Ron Ladd
Hometown: Lakeport, CA
Home Lake: Clear Lake CA
Family members: Michelle (wife) David (son) Scarlett (daughter)
My dad introduced my brother and I to fishing when we were very young and I have been "hooked" ever since. Living in California, I am able to fish year-round and enjoy fishing for a variety of species including fresh and salt water fish. I am always trying to learn new techniques and find new places. My primary focus is targeting Catfish. Over the past several years I have enjoyed tournament fishing all across the state, most recently finishing second in the California Stat Championship held at Lake Berryessa in June 2022. When I am not fishing I love hanging out with friends and family.
Wesley Mann
Wesley Mann has been using Warrior Rods since 2017. Wes is an avid tournament catfishing angler located in Tennessee, and regularly fishes both the
Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers. His favorite Warrior Fishing Rods are of course the bumping rod, Extra Heavy rods for river fishing, and Medium Heavy’s for all things planer boards. Wes has been fishing as far back as he can remember. His father is from central Kentucky, where fishing and hunting is just part of life, and was a necessary way to put food on the table in the 60’s and 70’s. With his dad growing up in this fashion, Wes was raised to follow
suite and fished as a young boy for mainly catfish, bass, and crappie. Wes was raised on the Gulf Coast of Texas just south of Houston, where the fisheries consist of fresh, salt, and brackish waters, and as he became older ventured into inshore fishing for numerous species, and a lot of surf fishing for shark and red drum. Wes joined the Army two weeks after September 11th , where the Army took him all over the world and recently retired after 21 years of service. Being stationed in numerous places like Washington State, made Wes learn multiple techniques for a variety of fish in completely different ecosystems than where he grew up and learned to fish. In 2014, the Army moved Wes and his family back to the South to Fort Campbell, KY where his roots and passion brought him back to where it all began as a young child, targeting his favorite fish: Catfish. He found a few local guys, mainly active-duty Army and retired Army guys, that tournament fished for trophy catfish in a trail named the Cumberland River Catman’s Association, established in 1995 by Capt. Joe Hall. Then it really took off for Wes, as he found his calling: tournament fishing for monster blue’s & flatheads. Spread Em Planer Boards is Wes’s company, which is known across catfishing and expanding into other markets as we speak. Growing the brand and dialing them in to truly make the Planer Boards perform at the top of the field, without sacrificing extreme durability is a mission statement of his. Running Spread Em Planer Boards with Warrior Medium Heavy Rods are the preferred choice for Wes, as he has put 1000’s of miles of pulling boards across numerous bodies of water, and this combo is his go to for all things Planer Boards. You will see Wes posting on social media tournament and fun fishing with his 5 year old son Gage, who loves being out on the water chasing big catfish. Growing a passion for the next generation is something he believes in and takes out future catfishing anglers on a regular basis, both young and old or in-between.
Nate Pratt